"Life is a special occasion; celebrate it with butterflies!"

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About Us

Linda Marchman

Social Butterflies began as a hobby over 14 years ago.  The business name was chosen because a few butterflies naturally seemed to be more “social” than others, particularly Monarchs, since once they are released, tend to stay around rather than flying away immediately.  The hobby quickly turned into a business when the owner, Linda Marchman, began raising several different species and then began selling them to people who were celebrating special events. 

Butterfly Releases

Butterfly releases are perfect for…


Birthday Parties

Memorial Tributes and Funerals

Anniversary and Retirement Celebrations



Imagine the beauty of a cloud of butterflies released at your special event, creating a lasting memory, while helping to repopulate a species at the same time.

Butterfly Presentations


Educational Programs for All Ages!

  • Elementary & Home Schools

  • Senior adults

  • Butterflies & Plants

  • Butterfly Gardening 

  • Magical Monarchs!

  • Tag A Monarch!